​​Smoked Goodies

Smoked King Salmon_____$35.00/LB.

Smoked Steelhead_______$35.00/LB.

Smoked Oysters_______$1.50ea.

Smoked Albacore Tuna_____$18.99/LB.

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs________$5.00/4pc. or $1.50ea.

Smoked Black Cod ​(Price Varies)

    Crescent Seafood

    ​Pickled Salmon 8oz._____$9.50


    BBQ_____________$1.00 Each

    Kumamoto_________$1.50 Each

    ​Smoked Oysters_____$1.50 Each

    House Shooters_____$2.00 Each

    Shucked__________$1.50 Each

    "What's the difference between shucked oysters and house shooters?"

    Our Shucked Oysters are exactly that. They're shucked and served on the half shell with lemon juice, and cream horseradish. Our House Shooters are shucked, then served on the half shell in our garlic butter sauce with lemon juice, and cream horseradish. We have multiple hot sauces at your leisure.

    Fresh Fish Market   (When Available)

    ​Dungeness Crab


    Lump Meat___________$34.99/LB.

    Want to eat it here? We will steam it for ya!

    Steamed Whole____$19.99 

    Local Catch

    Ling Cod_______________$13.99/LB.

    Black/Blue Snapper_______$10.99/LB.



    Copper Rockfish________$13.99/LB.

    Fresh Fish


    King Salmon________________$18.99/LB.

    Columbia River Steelhead______$12.99/LB.

    Canadian Rockfish__________$9.99/LB.


    Albacore Tuna______________$13.99/LB.

    Tiger Prawns_______________$15.99/LB.

    White Prawns_______________$15.99/LB.

    Bay Shrimp_________________$10.99/LB.

    Coon-Stripe Prawns_________$7.00/LB.

    LARGE White Prawns__________$18.99/LB.

    Black Mussels_____________$8.00/LB.

    Lobster Tails______________$34.99/LB.

    Manilla "Steamer" Clams_______$10.99/LB.

    Calamari Steak_____________$12.99/LB.


    Jumbo V-10 Scallops__________$36.99/LB.